terms and conditions agreement (T&C)

Here are our Terms and Conditions

We hold no responsibility for any goods left in the vehicle. Whatever may happen to them will not be entitled to us.

Locking wheel nut keys, as well as OEM toolkits, must be provided with the car. Failing to do so will cost the customer.

We at Letchworth Diamond Wheels ensure the highest standards possible to refurbish your wheels. However, we cannot be held responsible if unforeseen problems come in the way such as poor casting, pitting due to excessive corrosion, previous repairs, or anything for that matter. Heavily damaged wheels may take extra cost, depending on the condition of the wheels, not to mention there may be certain flaws in the finish due to the limitations imposed by the damaged rendered. Some finishes may reflect blemishes more readily than others. Keeping this in mind, we will always contact you before we proceed with any extra work.

As we strive to meet the estimated time, the work may take longer than anticipated and expected. We cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the customer if the job is not done on time. Any issues regarding the work will be carried out within 72 hours. We reserve the right to attempt a repair at the first instance. Credit will only be provided we are unable to fix the item to a reasonable standard.

All wheels refitted to vehicles are torqued to standard sizes unless advised otherwise. Wheels will not be released until full payment has been received. Wheels left and not collected after one month will be sold to recoup costs, unless prior arrangements by the customer have been made.

Additional Terms and Conditions…

Any goods provided remain the property of Wheel Repair Letchworth Diamond Wheels until they are fully paid for.

Credit may be ceased if the payment terms are not obliged. A credit account is not likely to be opened until a satisfactory response has been received from both trade references. Company accounts may be requested, not to mention that all accounts are essentially 30 days net. We hold the right the charged interest at 8% above the Bank of England Base Rate on any accounts unsettled within 30 days. By offering a request for credit, the customer agrees to our terms and conditions


While split rims are the most time-consuming wheels to refurbish and deal with, please take note of the following in addition to the Terms and Conditions and warranties:

• Bolts will only be guaranteed if new bolts are purchased from us.
• Many wheels contain decorative bolts rather than true and original split rims. There is no way of telling until we see them. The bolts present may be plastic or metal. In case they are plastic, we may have to drill them to refurbish the wheels. Replacements could be arranged, but that would be an extra charge.
• For diamond cut, we need to know the presence of any Magnesium content present in the wheels. Welding will be charged as extra due to the cost of welding rods.
• We don't do the split rims and steel wheels

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