Letchworth Diamond Wheels guarantee you about the well-being of your wheels from all possible perspectives. Whether it is repairing or coating your wheels, we assure our customers that they will be provided with second to none top quality renowned tyres to ensure that you drive for as long as possible. The chances are that many companies may be veiling customers by cheap and alternative brands which may seem like a good idea to invest on but bear in mind, that is nothing but wasting your money on cheap tyres for this kind of tyres will only deteriorate after a few miles.
We welcome our valued customers as they may contact our office anytime via phone call or email with your tyre size and model, and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quotation, which is quite competitive for all the deals residing in Hertfordshire.

It is solely up to the customer to ensure that the tyres ensure are road legal. We will, however, not refit tyres that we believe are unsafe, illegal or damaged. Punctures can be repaired at the owner’s risk. When fitting tyres new plastic valves are always fitted. If you wish to have the old valves refitted, we may be able to do this but only at your own risk as taking no responsibility for leaks or problems posed by the refitting of the old valves.

All welding and straightening jobs are undertaken at the owner’s risk. We will never undertake any repairs that are believed to be unsafe. Though every measure is taken during straightening, a crack may prolong the process. In case this happens, you will be charged for the welding repairs. Welding and straightening are not guaranteed.

Painted finish (Full Refurbishment) is guaranteed against any paint defects and damages for 12 months. This does not count for damage caused by the kerbing of the wheels, stone chips, and knock on the weights. Corrosive cleaners can also damage that will not be under warranty.

These terms & conditions are subject to change. By leaving your property with us, you are accepting our terms and conditions.

Here are some of the Tyre Companies that we work with: